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Physicians & Staff

A hospital is little more than a shell without its medical team—those dedicated professionals who have devoted their careers to helping others through their medical milestones.

At the RUH Foundation, we celebrate and support their efforts with funding for the medical research, specialist training, professional development, scholarships and state-of-the-art equipment that help them do their jobs.

Dr. Ivar Mendez

In June 2013, renowned neurosurgeon–scientist Dr. Ivar Mendez joined the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Health Region. Dr. Mendez is an enthusiastic advocate for the application of robotics in healthcare.

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Fellowship Funding

Physicians who wish to sub-specialize after their Residency training may enter a Fellowship training program. Sub-specialists fill service gaps and advance patient care, research and training at RUH. Similar to Residency training seats, a Fellow cannot fund their Fellowship seat: funding must be provided by a third party.

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Dr. Paul Babyn

Dr. Paul Babyn is the Department Head of Medical Imaging for the Saskatoon Health Region and the University of Saskatchewan. He spoke with the Royal University Hospital Foundation about the Picture This! Campaign, which raised funds for a PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography-Computer Tomography) in Royal University Hospital.

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At Royal University Hospital Foundation, we’re proud of our record, but we’re even more proud of our community and the many individuals, organizations and companies who have given generously in support of our hospital.

We love to share stories about the impact of donor generosity on medical research, training and patient care at Royal University Hospital. Your contributions truly work wonders.


Over the years, Cameco has invested wisely and generously in the health of our community, and they’ve encouraged others to do the same. The Royal University Hospital Foundation is grateful for Cameco’s exemplary leadership and support of healthcare at Royal University Hospital and across our community.

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Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation

The Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation has given from the heart, for the heart. Its gift of $1.5 million for cardiac electrophysiology has helped prolong and save lives across Saskatchewan. In honour of their generosity, we named the Cardiac EP Lab at RUH the Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation Electrophysiology Laboratory. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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For over 25 years, PotashCorp has supported advances in healthcare in our community, donating generously for patients and their families at Royal University Hospital.

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A hospital is a place of hope and healing, of solace and sympathy. Our patients and their family members are grateful for the caring dedication of our medical professionals. And many want to give back by making a donation to the Royal University Hospital Foundation.

Read their stories of gratitude and giving. If you have a story of your own to tell, please share it with us.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin Goodmanson recently found a box of get-well cards he had received after he collapsed during a high-school football practice 15 years ago. He was revived first on the field, then again in the ambulance and a third time at Royal University Hospital.

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Leonard’s Story

Sheila Ritchie has a husband and their children have a dad thanks to life-saving surgery at Royal University Hospital. “I’m just forever grateful for the care that he’s received in Saskatoon at by far one of the greatest hospitals we have ever visited,” she says. In August 2013, Leonard Ritchie, now 37, had what Sheila […]

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Peggy’s Story

January 7, 2015, started out just like any other day at her law office. She had no sign that an aneurism in her brain was about to burst and she would have a stroke, or that she would then be rushed to a Regina hospital, flown by STARS air ambulance to the provincial stroke team at RUH, stabilized twice while en route, then undergo a six-hour procedure to stop the bleeding.

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