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The Royal University Hospital Foundation provides grants for ongoing education, research, and items for patient care and comfort at RUH. The Foundation also provides funds to the Saskatoon Health Region for professional development. These grants are available to staff at Royal University Hospital and the Saskatoon Health Region, and are reviewed and approved by the Board.

Since incorporation in 1983, RUH Foundation has invested more than $60,000,000 in grants for capital expenditures, as well as in support of the following grants:

RUH Foundation HUG Grants

The HUG Fund—Helping, Understanding, Giving—was introduced in 2006, and provides the “softer” side of care. HUG Fund Grant applications should improve the quality of care for patients during a hospital stay or support staff morale initiatives. The HUG Fund is supported through generous donations to the Royal University Hospital Foundation by individual and corporate donors including Areva’s Wish Fund, The Jarret Stoll Endowment and other designated funds.

What does HUG Fund?

The HUG Fund will provide funding to RUH departments and units for:

  • Equipment, furniture or items that are not eligible for the SHR capital equipment list (under $5,000), and items to which department operating and designated funds are not available
  • Minor renovations and improvements to family rooms and waiting rooms in patient areas
  • Programs or projects that improve quality of care or access to care for patients
  • Special initiatives to enhance staff morale
  • Innovative projects not listed above (please call to discuss your idea prior to applying for the grant)

Who Should Apply?

  • Any staff member may apply with the approval of his/her department or unit manager and director.
  • Priority will be given to requests with no alternate source of funding and/or applications demonstrating matching funding.
  • Partnerships between patient care groups are encouraged.
  • Only one application per Department or Unit will be reviewed each application period.

Who is Eligible?

Any department or program located at RUH, or historically considered a part of RUH, is eligible to apply. This includes the Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program, Mental Health and Addiction Services, and Integrated Community Services.

What is Not Eligible?

  • Items that would benefit only a single patient, individual staff, education or training
  • Equipment that triggers maintenance obligations (unless signed approval from SHR is obtained)
  • Items that are on the SHR capital list
  • Applications without Materials Management quotes. Retail quotes will not be accepted unless approved/obtained by Materials Management
  • Applications that provide an estimated cost. In order to avoid over/underfunding, we will only accept exact quotes
  • Staff room renovations and or furniture as per SHR space policy recommendations

Typically, applications are accepted three times per year with deadlines in August, November and February.

The deadline to submit HUG Grant applications for 2016-2017 has now passed. Recipients from the February applications will be notified by March 30, 2017.

RUH Foundation Scholarships

The RUH Foundation is committed to supporting staff, nurses, practising caregivers, or post-doctoral fellows with access to funding to upgrade their skills or further their education, thus enabling them to assume leadership positions in the provision of health care.

Funding comes from donors to the RUH Foundation including individuals, organizations, and corporations. Awards will be made annually in June or until all scholarship funding is depleted.

Candidates must be full-time or permanent part-time employees of SHR, with the majority of their work time at RUH or historical RUH programs including Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program, Mental Health and Addiction Services, and Integrated Community Services. Candidates must submit a letter of reference from a supervisor or manager who has observed their clinical proficiency, attesting to their potential to make a significant contribution to healthcare. Applicants must also submit official proof of admission or registration and validated statement of program costs.

Selection will be based on criteria, the letter of reference, professional goals as outlined, and overall quality of the application. Applicants must have demonstrated initiative in the accomplishment of professional goals, well-developed interpersonal skills, and demonstrated expertise in clinical practices.

Applications for RUH Foundation Scholarships are now available. The deadline to submit is Monday, May 1, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. 

RUH Foundation Research Grants

The RUH Foundation Research Fund supports clinically relevant research projects that will ultimately benefit patients who are, for the most part, treated at Royal University Hospital.

Eligible Applicants include:

  • SHR–Royal University Hospital allied health care professionals, nurses and physicians with clinical practice at RUH
  • University of Saskatchewan residents and fellows based at RUH as co-applicants with a primary supervisor
  • University of Saskatchewan Faculty whose study outcomes have direct clinical impact on programs managed primarily at RUH
  • Collaborative projects are encouraged
  • Priority will be given to research projects demonstrating clear clinical application
  • Applicants who demonstrate financial support from other sources including funding and project partners

The deadline to submit Research Grant applications for 2016–2017 has now passed. Recipients will be notified by March 31, 2017.

Professional Development Fund

This fund supports professional development for employees of the Saskatoon Health Region by funding participation in seminars, conferences, and workshops that advance job knowledge, skills, and qualifications.

The Professional Development Fund is administered by Organizational Learning & Effectiveness. Applications for funding are found online through the Infonet.

If you experience difficulty, please contact Organizational Learning & Effectiveness at 306.655.3966.

For more information on the professional development fund please click here.

RUH Foundation Community Mental Health Endowment Granting Program

Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Future in Mind Campaign, the Royal University Hospital Foundation is able to offer Community Mental Health Endowment (CMHE) grants. This program was established to provide funding that will enhance and bridge the services provided by SHR, U of S and SHR-affiliated Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). CMHE grants are for projects that typically would not receive funding from capital or operating budgets.

Grant applications are typically available in September, with an October deadline, and cover the next fiscal period, April 1st to March 31st. All of the funding awarded to the successful applicant must be used before March 31 of the following year. The application period for 2016-2017 has now closed.

For further information, contact the RUH Foundation office at 306.655.1984 or by email.


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