Patient Stories

A hospital is a place of hope and healing, of solace and sympathy. Our patients and their family members are grateful for the caring dedication of our medical professionals. And many want to give back by making a donation to the Royal University Hospital Foundation.

Read their stories of gratitude and giving. If you have a story of your own to tell, please share it with us.

Desiree’s Story

This past July, Desiree Nieckar celebrated her birthday by sharing the gift of her voice—a gift that also helped her recover from brain surgery for epilepsy.

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Susan’s Story

Susan Blum was a competitive cyclist who pedalled over 10,000 kms a year — until a horrific biking accident nearly killed her.

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Scott’s Story

Scott Bray pauses while discussing “the summer of his heart’s discontent.” “I didn’t want to die; there was still too much to live for,” says Scott while recalling the three separate life-threatening cardiac-related events he had in August 2018.

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