Dallas’s Story

So many thoughts as I patiently waited and readied myself for a never-imagined life experience – an intense 8 to 10 hour surgery to remove a cancer so rare that there are only 1,100 cases recorded in the world.

Hello, my name is Dallas Carpenter. I am a 45-year-old husband and father of two teenagers. I am alive today thanks to the lifesaving surgery I received at Royal University Hospital.

RUH surgical teams perform many of the province’s most serious and specialized surgeries involving the heart, brain, spine, and cancers like mine, to name a few. Regardless of where you live – Saskatoon or Spiritwood, Stony Rapids or Swift Current – RUH’s world-class professionals are here when you need them the most.

I am writing you to express my gratitude and to encourage you to donate to support surgical priorities at RUH. Proceeds will be used to purchase new state-of-the-art equipment and fund additional enhancements to the current operating rooms that were built in 1978.

I was diagnosed having esthesioneuroblastoma in November, 2017. The cancer had formed in the tissues of the upper part of my nasal cavity near the bone that separates the nasal cavity from the brain.

Operating in this delicate area requires the skills of highly-trained ear, nose, and throat and neuro surgeons, and many other health professionals. The traditional approach to removing the tumour is very invasive and can leave permanent scarring on the face.

Fortunately, because of donors like you, my surgical team had the expertise and equipment to do a less invasive method using an endoscope inserted into my nose and through the sinus cavity to remove the cherry-size tumour and rebuild the internal portion of my skull.

As I walked into the operating room, the magnitude of what I was about to encounter became very real. A lot of people. A lot of equipment. A small room . . . and then I was asleep.

Upon gaining consciousness, I saw my wife. I was so happy to see her and so grateful to be alive. The result of my surgery was phenomenal given its complexity. The surgeons were able to remove the entire tumour. I did not require any radiation or chemo therapy. Today I am cancer free.

I am so fortunate to have received my surgery at RUH. This allowed my family and me to focus on the care and recovery rather than travel, accommodations, and arranging time off from work and school.

During my medical journey, I was so fortunate to have world class professionals like Dr. Lissa Peeling, and her RUH associates Drs. Shabir Mia, Mike Kelly, Daryl Fourney, and so many talented supporting staff members. I am also very thankful to Dr. Peter Spafford who found the tumour at an early stage. Because of them and the ongoing support by donors like you, I am alive today enjoying time with my family and friends, and doing the things I love.

As the standards of surgical care excellence evolve in response to the changing demands of modern medicine, so arises the urgent need to upgrade equipment and technology. Your support of Mission Possible will help to purchase new state-of-the-art operating room equipment like:

  • Surgical microscopes with greatly enhanced illumination and visualization capability that allows for 3-D views of extreme working angles resulting in decreased operating time;
  • Spinal surgical tables that allow the patient to be rotated to any position more safely, instantly and smoothly;
  • Anesthesia machines that deliver potent pain medication with greater precision; and
  • Neurological imaging equipment to monitor the slightest nerve function during surgery.

I know that you have many options when it comes to deciding which causes to support, but I humbly ask that you support the transforming of surgical care at RUH by making your donation today so another 45-year-old father, like me, is there for his family after surgery.

The hospital’s surgical teams have the expertise. Your gift will make their best even better and put in their hands exactly what they need to save and improve more lives here in Saskatchewan at RUH for years to come.

Thank you for your support.

With gratitude,
Dallas Carpenter

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P.S. Your gift, regardless of its size, will save a life, maybe even yours. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Candace Boersma at 306.655.6501 or candace.boersma@ruhf.org – she’d be happy to help you!