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About Women Leading Philanthropy

Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) is a group of engaged, community-minded women that create meaningful change and advancements in health care by supporting leading-edge women’s initiatives at Royal University Hospital.

A New Kind of Philanthropy

At RUH Foundation, WLP is a unique and focused type of giving circle. This program is active, participative, empowering, and involves donors in the decision-making processes. RUH Foundation’s WLP engages a network of like-­minded women of varying age, ethnicity, and circumstance who want to provoke change in health care.

Through the WLP program, female philanthropists are connected to female physicians, specialists and other medical professionals at RUH who are positioned to innovate and educate for change.

Funding New Possibilities in Health Care

Designed to challenge the norm, WLP concentrates on innovative women’s health-care projects through a process of engaged, collective, and active philanthropy where donors are empowered to make funding decisions. Donors of WLP are poised to make a meaningful impact by concentrating their personal giving to this program through a generous annual gift or through convenient monthly donations.

While funding for basic programs, training, research and equipment at RUH is covered through the general health authority budget, specialization and innovation is driven by individual support through donations to the RUH Foundation.

United in their commitment to innovation and change, WLP donors select and fund a women’s health initiative that makes an impact and shapes the future care of patients and families at RUH.

Working together, members of the WLP program will empower women to actively transform health care in Saskatchewan; now and in the future.

How to Join

To join RUH Foundation’s WLP, please complete the Member Registration form below and email to info@ruhf.org.

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Already a WLP donor and need to renew your commitment to WLP? Renew online or call 306.655.1984. Thank you!


Dr. Mary Kinloch, WLP Program Chair, Division Head, Anatomic Pathology

Rachel Mielke, WLP Honourary Chair, Founder and CEO, Hillberg & Berk

$100,000 WLP Grant Recipient

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2023 Women Leading Philanthropy $100,000 grant Dr. Mita Manna! We are excited to invest in you and your project Mainstream Genetic Testing: A Pilot Program in Saskatchewan and we look forward to seeing the positive change that will come thanks to your commitment and hard work. Read more here.

For information or to apply for a Women Leading Philanthropy $100,000 grant, please click here

Updates from past recipients:

  • Candice Jackel-Cram (2018) Universal Testing of Endometrial Cancer: Reaching an Under-Served Population
  • Dr. Soo Kim (2019) Aftermath of Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction: Sorting out Shoulder Dysfunction through Biomechanical Analysis
  • Dr. Laura Hopkins (2020) Enhanced Recovery for Gynecologic Oncology (ERGO) – Improving the Surgical Experience of Women with Cancers of the Reproductive Tract
  • Dr. Jennifer Brown Broderick (2021) HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Self-Sampling for Primary Cervical Cancer Screening in Underserved Saskatchewan Women
  • Dr. Sarah Donkers (2022) New Hope in MS: Promoting Functional Neurorecovery Through Early Intervention
  • Dr. Mita Manna (2023) Mainstream Genetic Testing: A Pilot Program in Saskatchewan


WLP Donors: The June celebration meeting is set for Wednesday, June 5, 2024. Watch your inbox for more details.

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More Information

For more information about Women Leading Philanthropy at Royal University Hospital Foundation please read our Fact Sheet and/or contact:

Lisa Sands
Chief Development Officer at
306.655.6477 or lisa.sands@ruhf.org

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