Nurse Ben Manley

For Royal University Hospital operating room nurse and father of four, Ben Manley, caring for people who are sick or injured is in his blood. His grandma was a nurse, several cousins are nurses, and his parents were both volunteer paramedics.

“I love the teamwork in the O.R., fighting alongside these amazing professionals to help bring a person knocking at death’s door back to a normal life. My kids always ask me, ‘Who did you save today, Dad?’”

That who could be YOU. Did you know the average Canadian has three surgeries in their lifetime? It’s not a matter of if you or someone you love will need surgery, it’s when.

“You have this team of professionals in the O.R. who are the absolute best at what they do, but the surroundings don’t reflect that,” says Ben. “It’s like NHL players playing in a kiddie rink.”

Modern medicine demands better. You and these world-class professionals deserve better.

Your mission: Donate to surgical priorities at RUH to help fund new state-of-the-art equipment and other enhancements to the hospital’s operating rooms and associated areas that were built in 1978.

You never know when it could be your life on the table. If ever it is, Ben promises to care for you like family.

“I come to work to give 100%. I spend more time in the O.R. than with my own family. To be able to work in a hospital where the O.R.’s meet and exceed the care, compassion and passion I see in my coworkers would be phenomenal!

“If you donate to help make that happen, our best is going to be better!”

As Ben’s kids might ask, who will YOU save?

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