Drs. Sothilingam and Harriman

Royal University Hospital trauma surgeons Drs. Suzie Harriman and Niroshan Sothilingam never know what critically hurt trauma patient will come through the O.R. doors next.

Even with long hours and stress, they love what they do and where they do it. But both agree it’s time to make the operating rooms at RUH match the great care patients receive here.

Your mission: Donate to support surgical priorities to help fund new state-of-the-art equipment and other enhancements to the hospital’s operating rooms and associated areas that were built in 1978.

Did you know the average Canadian has three surgeries in their lifetime? It’s not a matter of if you or someone you love will need surgery, it’s when.

RUH’s world class surgical teams do the most complex and specialized types of surgeries involving the heart, brain, spine and cancers, to name a few, each year in Saskatchewan. Many of these complex surgeries require a multidisciplinary team often consisting of between 8 to 12 highly skilled professionals who require 4 to 8 hours or longer to complete lifesaving procedures.

Dr. Sothilingam and Dr. Harriman are both Saskatchewan born and raised. They know the people of this province are big-hearted and get big things done.

“Why does RUH have a dedicated trauma team always on call and advanced training for our specialists? Because RUH Foundation donors like YOU made it happen!” says Dr. Sothilingam. “No one in Saskatchewan should have to leave the province for medical care. You can help us get there!”

Dr. Harriman couldn’t agree more.

“Saskatchewan’s such a proud province. People who grew up here often want to come back. Building a world-class surgical centre at RUH will not only attract but retain the best and brightest!

“As a donor, to be able to put yourself in the patient’s shoes or their family’s shoes and know YOU can make a difference and be part of a better experience for them, it’s very exciting!”

Join the mission to come together to build a world-class centre of surgical excellence at Royal University Hospital!

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