Dr. Laura Hopkins

Gynecologic cancer surgeon Dr. Laura Hopkins was recruited to Saskatchewan from Ottawa to lead our province in women’s surgical innovation. She believes Royal University Hospital has built the team now we need YOUR help to build and equip state-of-the-art operating rooms.

“A patient takes a huge risk having surgery,” says Dr. Hopkins. “When the stakes are that high, it demands perfection. Your donation will help build new O.R.s and buy equipment that will allow us to see and do things that, until recently, would have been impossible!”

Among the innovations YOU will help make happen: Saskatchewan’s first hybrid surgical suite. With twice the size and three times the capability of a standard O.R., this suite will allow multiple surgeons and specialists to work on a critically injured or complex patient at the same time without having to move them to other areas of the hospital. When every second counts, lives will be saved.

Maybe even yours.

Dr. Hopkins says your donation comes with “a guaranteed return on investment”:

The average Canadian has three surgeries in their lifetime. It’s not a matter of if you or someone you love will need surgery, it’s when. We are ALL ‘pre-op’!

She believes the success of this mission comes down to one question:

Are you happy staying behind or would you like to be world-class? We CAN be! Saskatchewan could be leading the country. The expertise here is incredible. Now let’s bring our surgical facilities into the 21st century!”

Join the mission to come together to build a world-class centre of surgical excellence at Royal University Hospital!

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Dr. Hopkins was also the recipient of the 2020 Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) $100,000 Grant. Her project, Enhanced Recovery for Gynecologic Oncology (ERGO) – Improving the Surgical Experience of Women with Cancers of the Reproductive Tract, will transform surgical care at RUH for women with gynecologic cancers from the surgical consultation to recovery. Click here for more information on applying for the WLP Grant.

To find out more about the Mission Possible: Operation New O.R. Campaign to transform surgical care at Royal University Hospital click here or contact Lisa Sands, Chief Development Officer, at 306.655.6477 or lisa.sands@ruhf.org.