Women Leading Philanthropy 2023–2024 Finalists

Congratulations to Royal University Hospital Foundation’s three short-listed finalists for the 2023–2024 Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) $100,000 Grant!

Dr. Alexandra Carter

Empowering Women and Young Adults with Epilepsy by Fostering a Culture of Holistic Wellness

Dr. Alexandra Carter, MD, FRCPC, CSCN(EEG), assistant professor of Neurology/Epilepsy, completed her residency at the University of Saskatchewan and her fellowship at the University of Miami. She is committed to promoting diversity and gender equity in medicine and research. Her research primarily addresses women’s epilepsy issues. She is the Saskatchewan Epilepsy Program medical director and is excited for the opening of Saskatchewan’s inaugural Seizure Investigation Unit. She is a mother of two and has a passion for painting.


Dr. Rabia Shahid

Empowering breast cancer patients with diabetes by understanding their needs and creating a pathway that improves their care, treatment experience and diabetes management during cancer treatment

Dr. Rabia Shahid, MD, MB-BS, FRCP(C), is the Principal Investigator specializing in internal medicine and diabetology and is based in Saskatoon. With a wealth of experience, she has provided comprehensive care to individuals with diabetes. Over the past decade, she has actively collaborated with the Live Well Diabetes Multidisciplinary Program, concentrating her efforts on enhancing the well-being of diabetes patients. She has been involved in many quality improvement projects and the implementation of pathways.


Dr. Mita Manna

Mainstream Genetic Testing: A Pilot Program in Saskatchewan

Dr. Mita Manna, MD, FRCPC, is a Medical Oncologist at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency in Saskatoon and Associate Professor within the Department of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Her main areas of clinical focus include breast and thoracic malignancies. She is the Provincial Disease Site Group Chair for Breast Malignancies and is the Site Lead for the Canadian Cooperative Trials Group. Other areas of interest include medical education and patient advocacy.