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Cardiologist Dr. Jason Orvold in the older of the two Cath Labs at RUH

Cardiologist Dr. Jason Orvold in the newer of the two Cath Labs at RUH

Have you or someone you know suffered a heart attack or a heart condition?

My name is Dr. Jason Orvold, a cardiologist at Royal University Hospital and medical director for the hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, commonly known as the Cath Lab. The Cath Lab includes medical imaging, x-ray equipment and technology that allows us to see clearly inside your heart so we can clear blocked arteries or repair heart defects.

Did you know that every year, RUH performs more than 3,000 life-saving and life-changing heart procedures?

We need your help. We currently have two Cath Labs running at full capacity, but one of them is outdated and nearing the end of its life. We need your help to replace it before it fails.

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If we go down to one Cath Lab it will have an immediate impact on the number of lives we can save – by almost half! This is why we need your help now.

If we do not update our old Cath Lab now, emergency and inpatient procedures will still get done in our newer lab. But patients will have to wait much longer for their outpatient procedure, which could lead to significant consequences for so many who are living with life-threatening heart conditions. Our current wait list may triple for those who require the specialized and complex cardiac care that is available at RUH.

Your gift to RUH Foundation, no matter the size, combined with those from other donors, will make a difference to you, your loved ones and other residents from across the province who may not even know they will need highly-specialized cardiac care until the moment they do, like Devin Gerun.

Devin’s received his lifesaving care in our newer Cath Lab

Devin is a 27-year-old patient of mine who was having chest pain and difficulty breathing during a competitive men’s hockey playoff game in Leroy this past February. He was taken by ambulance to Humboldt for further assessment, where his condition quickly deteriorated and he suffered a heart attack. He received clot-busting medication, then was stabilized and transferred to RUH.

At RUH, Devin received life-saving treatment that included insertion of a stent permanently embedded in his heart in our newer Cath Lab, which was recently upgraded through the generosity of RUH Foundation and donors like you.

Reflecting on that evening, Devin says, “It could have ended so much differently were it not for the actions of so many people in Leroy, Humboldt and at Royal University Hospital. I am so grateful to everyone who assisted in saving my life.”

Your gift will save lives by allowing us to transform the aging Cath Lab with new technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

You can help us improve cardiac care excellence that modern medicine demands and that our patients, like you and your loved ones, deserve.

Will you please make a donation today? By doing so, your gift will be matched up to $100,000 by Suer & Pollon Mechanical. Your generosity, matched by Suer & Pollon Mechanical, will ensure those requiring the most complex life-saving and life-improving cardiac care have access to it now and for years to come at RUH.

On behalf of the cardiology team at RUH, we are truly grateful for the generosity you show towards our hospital. Thank YOU!


Dr. Jason Orvold

Dr. Jason Orvold, Cardiologist
RUH Cath Lab Medical Director

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PS – There are so many ways for you to donate and support RUH. To learn more, please contact Candace at 306.655.6501 or candace.boersma@ruhf.org.