Victor DeFehr

Remembered for his Love of Life and for Helping Others in Need

Gratitude. It’s an important step one takes during their recovery journey from substance addiction.

Victor DeFehr knew how essential it was for him to help others and give back to the community because of the hurt he had caused himself and others for many years as a young adult.

“When Victor got clean and sober, he focused his efforts on helping people and became a wonderful teacher,” says his mother Maggie DeFehr.

Victor passed away on April 11, 2022, at the age of 61, having suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for more than 20 years. In his Will, Victor left a generous donation to Larson House (now called the Brief and Social Detox Centre) through the Royal University Hospital Foundation. His gift was put towards the purchase of new beds
at the Centre.

“Victor wanted some money to go to Larson House in order to help someone or some family coping with the situation same as what he was once in,” said Maggie. Reflecting on Victor’s life, Maggie said he was a gifted student and participated in a wide range of sports during his elementary and high school years.

After a successful first year of university in 1979, it wasn’t until 1996 that Victor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics—a 15-year hiatus due to his struggles with addictions.

In 1998 he gained his Bachelor of Education and teaching credentials. “Victor believed the most important thing in life was access to education for everyone.”

Maggie fondly recalls how her son would raid the family’s library and when asked why he responded: “There is no little children’s library at the school so I am building one.”

After less than five years of teaching, Victor was forced to stop due to the onset of MS and its debilitating effect on him.

Victor was never one to complain about his circumstances. According to Maggie, his love of life, as well as his suffering, will never be forgotten by those who loved and knew him.

If you are like Victor and want to show your appreciation for the care you or a loved one has received, please consider leaving a gift to RUH Foundation in your Will. Your gift will have a lasting impact on patients every day.