Learning from the World’s Best

Dr. Amit Persad aspires to be one of the world’s best brain surgeons. In an era of rapidly evolving medical technology, this task requires
innovative life-saving treatments. Dr. Persad wants to provide patients with these options here in Saskatchewan at Royal University Hospital (RUH).

Dr. Persad knows his goal is challenging. Fortunately, it’s a little less so, thanks to the generosity of the Royal University Hospital Foundation and donors like you.

“The support from RUH Foundation is very much appreciated and will play an important role in helping to make me the best in my field, and ultimately in providing the best care for my patients in the future,” says Dr. Persad.

The Saskatchewan-trained neurosurgeon is one of six physicians receiving Fellowship training funds totalling $180,000. This helps offset some of the costs associated with learning from world-renowned specialists who are experts in their fields. These funds allow our Fellows to bring these newly-acquired skills back to the province’s largest clinical, teaching and research hospital.

Dr. Persad began a one-year Fellowship at Stanford University in California in July 2023. He is being trained in advanced Neurosurgical
Oncology and Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Stereotactic Radiosurgery is a non-invasive, targeted treatment for brain diseases, including cancer. Dr. Persad is learning to use the CyberKnife, a robotic-based device pioneered at Stanford that offers highly precise, non-surgical radiation treatment for tumours and other lesions.

Beginning in July 2024, Dr. Persad will start a one-year Fellowship at Western University in London, Ontario, focusing on surgical
techniques to treat seizure disorders and epilepsy. During his training at one of the highest-volume surgical epilepsy centres in North America, he will acquire new skills like the placement of brain electrodes and responsive stimulators, resection of epileptic tissue and disconnection of brain circuits to stop epilepsy seizures.

“At the end of the day, thanks to support from RUH Foundation, I will be uniquely qualified to perform leading-edge brain surgery, having learned from the best in the world,” says Dr. Persad. “The outcome will be patients having access to the most advanced care possible at RUH rather than having to go out of province for their life-changing procedures.”

The other physicians receiving Fellowship training support in 2023–24 are:

  • Dr. Stephanie Ballendine
  • Dr. Bryan Evans
  • Dr. Andrew Frost
  • Dr. Donovan MacDonald
  • Dr. Eion McFadden

Since its creation in 2005, RUH Foundation’s Fellowship Training program has granted $2 million to 54 physicians to help them acquire new subspecialty skills and bring those skills to RUH.

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