Jennifer Molloy

On March 1, 2022, RUH Foundation was pleased to welcome our new Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Molloy, BA, CFRE. Here are five things about Jennifer you might not know:

Where are you from?
I was actually born and raised right here in Saskatoon. I come from a family that felt that it was very important to be involved in the community and I admire the many people who give back. Saskatoon and Saskatchewan are built on a spirit of community. The whole idea of barn raising, people working together for a shared goal and so on is a very Saskatchewan frame of mind. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of others, Saskatoon is a small but mighty city. Over the last few decades, many amazing milestones and achievements have taken place. I am constantly inspired by the people that live here.

What made you go into fundraising?
I have been in the sector for 20 years and I enjoy connecting with people and being part of their philanthropic journey. Often donors come out of an experience of giving with a feeling like they gained something, not lost something. It is an exciting journey. The organization benefits from donor support, but I have been fortunate to witness the impact that donor support also has on people and their families. I feel lucky to be working in fundraising. It’s rewarding on a daily basis.

What made you interested in health care philanthropy?
It is deeply rooted in personal experiences. When I was six years old my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and, for the next thirteen years until she passed away, we had to navigate the health-care system. I’ve seen firsthand how important people working in health care are to families and how fortunate we are to live in a place where we can receive the best possible care. The opportunity to make a difference in the life of a patient and their family is a privilege.
After university as I was making decisions about my future, a family friend, Bill Peterson, introduced the idea of fundraising. I started volunteering at a hospital foundation and it was such a connection. I really enjoyed philanthropy. It was such an amazing feeling. Eventually, my career goal was to return to health-care philanthropy. To be in the hospital and to see patients and the medical teams and feel like you are doing something good is very rewarding. I’m excited to get back to that.

What do you do in your spare time?
I love spending time with my friends and family. Exercise is also important to me, I see it as both preventative health care and stress management. Outside of the pandemic I also love traveling, so I look forward to doing that again someday.

What will be your first priority in your new role?
I will focus on creating and building relationships! Having a solid team is important to me. I’m also excited to work with RUH Foundation donors; to get to know the current donors and also reach out to new ones as well. I’m excited to take over the reins of this foundation, raise important life-saving funds for RUH and work with a team that has fun together!