Debi Dubé-Dean

A Family’s Unselfish Acts of Gratitude

Debi Dubé-Dean just knew it was the right thing to do—the sharing of her lunch with classmates who regularly came without food to the west-end school in Saskatoon she attended so many decades ago. Her unselfish acts of generosity in grade school would be followed by many others on her journey to becoming a dedicated philanthropist later in her life.

The 68-year-old retired businesswoman’s early acts of kindness were greatly influenced by her parents Leslie and Irene Dubé, founders of Concorde Group, and their willingness to help others even when their means were limited as they built the company during its early years.

“If someone needed a place to stay or food, my parents would always do the most they could to help that person out. Seeing them do this was a great influence and has shaped me into the person that I am today.”

Debi and her husband Bill Dean have given generously to numerous organizations in our community. Both have been long-time supporters of Royal University Hospital Foundation and recently included the Foundation as a beneficiary in their Wills.

“Bill and I, along with our three children and 10 grandchildren greatly appreciate the wonderful care we have received at RUH,” says Debi. “It is our wish to leave a legacy that enables medical teams at RUH to provide the best care available to future generations.”

An important part in the writing of the couple’s Wills has been informing their three children of their intentions.

“Our kids have never questioned our philanthropy at all and they are fully on-board with what we intend to do.”

Debi and Bill have also encouraged their children to consider leaving a gift to community groups in their Wills when they are able to do so.

“Giving a gift, no matter the amount, that benefits people in the future that you don’t even know is the most wonderful, loving, and selfless act one can do.”

Debi adds: “I pray each day that I could help save the world from its many problems while acknowledging that any act of kindness is at least a start. That is why we consider it so important to help others.”

Royal University Hospital Foundation graciously thanks Debi and Bill for giving notice that they have made provisions in their Wills to create a legacy of giving that will have a lasting impact on health care at RUH long into the future.

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