On December 16, 2022, Doug Osborn, Volunteer Chair of the Royal University Hospital (RUH) Foundation Board of Directors, announced Jennifer Molloy as the Foundation’s new Chief Executive Officer with an official start date of March 1, 2022. She takes over the reins from retiring CEO, Arla Gustafson, who has served as CEO since 2007.

On January 27 and 28, 662 donors from all corners of Saskatchewan came together to help raise a record-breaking $1,008,960 for the RUH Radiothon, presented by Suer and Pollon Mechanical, in support of the transformation of surgical care at RUH.

We are seeking passionate, community minded and energetic individuals to join RUH Foundation Board of Directors. The Board oversees the organization and provides purpose-based leadership and strategic governance. Directors are involved in directing the organization in accordance with its strategic plan, articles, bylaws and applicable legislation.