Have you or someone you know suffered a heart attack or a heart condition?

My name is Dr. Jason Orvold, a cardiologist at Royal University Hospital and medical director for the hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, commonly known as the Cath Lab. The Cath Lab includes medical imaging, x-ray equipment and technology that allows us to see clearly inside your heart so we can clear blocked arteries or repair heart defects.

Devin Gerun wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter.

“I’m pretty lucky to be alive,” says Devin, 27, while reflecting on the cause of his abrupt departure from the ice during a hockey playoff game in Leroy on February 19.

Daphne Arnason and Leo Bourassa (pictured above) know what it’s like to have their normal routines turned upside down without warning because of a sudden medical crises.

Over the years, the couple and other family members have benefited from the care provided by Royal University Hospital’s dedicated and talented individuals and teams and the services they provide 365 days a year.

The transformation of surgical care at Royal University Hospital took a major leap forward in 2022-23, contributing to one of the first brain cancer surgeries of its kind at RUH, thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

Despite the darkness of their journeys, Marlene Mirasty and Brad Siroski are sharing their respective experiences to spark important conversations in our community about mental health while inspiring others to seek support.

Father. Brother. Husband. Son. In a room of nine men, it is estimated that at least one of them will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. In a larger gathering, it is estimated one in 29 will die from it.

When you hear the words “open-heart surgery”, what do you think of? Fear? Risk? What if I told you that your help could lead to a less invasive procedure being done for the first time, here in Saskatchewan?

My name is Dr. Aly Ghoneim and as a cardiac surgeon at Royal University Hospital (RUH), I deal with some of the most complex heart surgeries in the province.

On March 1, 2022, RUH Foundation was pleased to welcome our new Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Molloy. Here are five things about Jennifer you might not know:

Health Care Providers Week is a designated week that recognizes the hard work and professionalism of Saskatchewan’s 50,000-plus health-care workers. Every member of the health-care team has an important role to play in caring for Saskatchewan residents, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, diagnostic technologists, continuing care aides, dentists, audiologists, mental health specialists and more. […]

Meet our Mission Possible: Operation New O.R. Campaign Volunteer Cabinet! (l-r) Laurie Thomas, Vice President Investor Relations, Standard Uranium Ltd.; Janna Dutton, Community Builder, Tim Hortons Franchisee; Dr. Scott Thomas, Chiropractor, Attridge Chiropractic Wellness Clinic; Lisa Sands, Chief Development Officer, RUH Foundation; Doug Osborn, RUH Foundation Board Chair and Retired Lawyer; Dr. Ivar Mendez, MD, […]