Barbara Surine

A Giving Legacy

Barbara Surine is a longtime supporter of Royal University Hospital Foundation, and has graciously donated between $20 and $5,000 to seven different campaigns since 1990.

 “We’ve always given what we could in order to help the physicians and other medical team members continue doing what they do so well in caring for their patients,” says Barbara, who along with her husband Ray raised six children on their farm west of Unity.

Barbara’s donations during the past three decades, along with those from others, have helped to purchase the province’s first MRI scanner, equip the Irene and Leslie Dubé Centre for Mental Health, and support a range of other priorities at RUH related to (to name but a few) acute care pediatrics, cancer, cardiac, medical imaging, emergency and trauma care.

Barbara, a former nurse, is extremely grateful for the treatment and care she, her husband and their family have received at RUH.

In 2004, just a month after the couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Barbara’s husband Ray passed away from cancer. In 2018, Barbara underwent surgery that successfully removed a tumour from her breast.

“RUH has always been there providing superb care for me and my family,” adds Barbara.

In 2018, Barbara made a generous commitment to extend her support to RUH patients and medical teams for years to come by naming Royal University Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in her will. By so doing, she became a member of RUH Foundation’s Guild of Friends. “By including RUH Foundation in my will, I am leaving a legacy that will help the hospital continue providing patients with the best care possible long after I am gone.”