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Have you or someone you know suffered a heart attack or a heart condition?

My name is Dr. Jason Orvold, a cardiologist at Royal University Hospital and medical director for the hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, commonly known as the Cath Lab. The Cath Lab includes medical imaging, x-ray equipment and technology that allows us to see clearly inside your heart so we can clear blocked arteries or repair heart defects.

Congratulations to Royal University Hospital Foundation’s 2023 Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) $100,000 Grant Recipient, Dr. Mita Manna! On Monday, September 25, 2023, WLP donors gathered at TCU Place for an extraordinary evening aimed at creating meaningful change and advancements in health care by supporting leading-edge women’s initiatives at Royal University Hospital. Earlier this year, applications […]

Devin Gerun wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter.

“I’m pretty lucky to be alive,” says Devin, 27, while reflecting on the cause of his abrupt departure from the ice during a hockey playoff game in Leroy on February 19.

Daphne Arnason and Leo Bourassa (pictured above) know what it’s like to have their normal routines turned upside down without warning because of a sudden medical crises.

Over the years, the couple and other family members have benefited from the care provided by Royal University Hospital’s dedicated and talented individuals and teams and the services they provide 365 days a year.

Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) is inclusive and includes a diverse group of women who will pool their donations to fund innovative health-care initiatives led by female physicians, practitioners and researchers at Royal University Hospital (RUH).

It’s been a lifelong journey of nursing service that has surpassed a half-century. And the trek isn’t over yet for Beverly Pavelich whose professional home has been Royal University Hospital for all but a couple of those years.

Congratulations to Royal University Hospital Foundation’s three short-listed finalists for the 2023–2024 Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) $100,000 Grant!

Are you one of the 49% of Canadians that don’t have a Will? Among the top reasons so many of us delay Will writing is the feeling that we’re too young to worry about it, or that we don’t have enough assets to justify making a Will in the first place.

Valid concerns. But there are some real motivations to making a Will you might not be aware of, regardless of where you are in life.

Gratitude. It’s an important step one takes during their recovery journey from substance addiction.

Victor DeFehr knew how essential it was for him to help others and give back to the community because of the hurt he had caused himself and others for many years as a young adult.

Debi Dubé-Dean just knew it was the right thing to do—the sharing of her lunch with classmates who regularly came without food to the west-end school in Saskatoon she attended so many decades ago. Her unselfish acts of generosity in grade school would be followed by many others on her journey to becoming a dedicated philanthropist later in her life.