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Virginia Nordlee

Grateful patient Virginia Nordlee
with Dr. Janine Eckstein

Irene and Leslie Dubé

Generous mental health supporters

Dr. Luke Hnenny

State-of-the-art equipment enhances patient outcomes


Your donation supports life-saving cardiac care, ensuring that every heart has a chance to beat strong, and every patient receives the critical care they deserve, close to home, at Royal University Hospital.

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Mental Health

Your donation fosters hope and healing through essential mental health care, offering appropriate therapeutic spaces and illuminating a path towards brighter days for solace to those facing unseen battles.

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Your donation fuels cutting-edge neurology care at Royal University Hospital, providing answers, comfort and complex care for patients struggling with neurological conditions involving the brain and spine.

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Drs. Dilip Gill and Nathan Ginther

Fighting the battle against colorectal cancer

Dr. Humphrey Fonge

Giving new hope with clinical research trial

Peggy Benko

Stroke survivor champions giving back


Your donation supports the fight against cancer, offering hope through innovative, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and unwavering support to those on their journey to conquer this relentless disease. Let’s help win that fight.

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Research & Education

Your donation funds staff education, out-of-province physician Fellowship training and innovative research, empowering our hospital to continuously advance medical knowledge, train the health-care leaders of tomorrow and improve patient care for the people of Saskatchewan.

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Your donation powers swift and expert stroke care at Royal University Hospital—home to the provincial stroke team—giving patients a second chance at life and reinforcing our commitment to preventing and treating this sudden and serious medical event.

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Laboratory Medicine

Behind the scenes but impetrative to your care

Dr. Laura Hopkins

Discovering new possibilities in cancer detection

Drs. Niroshan Sothilingam and Suzie Harriman

Creating a world-class trauma program

Support Services

Your donation strengthens vital support services like imaging, laboratory and social work ensuring timely treatments, precise and improved diagnostic outcomes and compassionate assistance for patients from across the province.

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Your donation enables life-transforming and life-saving surgeries, providing patients from across Saskatchewan with the gift of mobility, vitality and a brighter future, all made possible through your generous support.

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Your donation is a lifeline for trauma care, ensuring that in moments of crisis when minutes count, our hospital is ready to save lives and heal wound. Let’s ensure Royal University Hospital is always ready, event when you aren’t.

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