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No one hopes for the day when they have to visit the Emergency Department, whether with a loved one or for their own care. If you have never experienced an emergency, it is almost hard to imagine. Yet, every day, it becomes real for hundreds of people from across Saskatchewan who are rushed to Royal University Hospital (RUH) in unexpected need of critical care after a motor vehicle collision, a workplace fall, a stroke, heart attack or other trauma.

Every person who comes to RUH is someone’s family—someone’s daughter, or mother, or husband, or best friend. We want to do everything we can to send them home to their loved ones. But we can’t do it without you.

A crowded emergency department, dated equipment and growing demand are some of the challenges we face every day as we treat the most critically ill patients. As we try to save the life of someone’s husband, or sister, or father. When seconds can literally mean the difference between life and death.

We want Saskatchewan families, including yours, to have access to the best care possible—for when the unimaginable happens, as it does to someone’s family every single day.

You can help us get there.

The GREATE.R. Campaign: The goal

By 2018, donors like you will contribute a total of $20 million to The GREATE.R. Campaign, providing the financial resources to address some of the most pressing needs at RUH.

The GREATE.R. Campaign will invest:

  • $10 million in the Emergency Department — RUH is expanding and improving to both meet today’s demands and build toward the future.
  • $8 million in technology and equipment — so that medical teams have the necessary tools for exceptional patient and family-centered care.
  • $2 million in people and programs — to attract, retain and train top medical professionals.

Investments will also include a dedicated CT scanner and a bedside drug dispensary for the new Emergency Department. We will provide our medical laboratory with new equipment and upgrade the present pneumatic tube system (for in-hospital samples transmission) and upgrades to the original angiography biplane suite. The Foundation is also raising funds to support the creation of a new Mental Health Assessment and Short Stay Unit to be located adjacent to the current RUH Emergency Department. And we will invest in remote telehealth robotics that will connect patients from rural and northern communities with their specialists at RUH.

FASTE.R. response times

Your support will help expand and equip the existing Emergency Department at RUH to better care for current patients, and provide funding for the new Adult Emergency Department in the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, reducing wait times for patients and their families when every second counts.


Your support will help attract and keep the world-class physicians, medical staff and researchers who provide exemplary care and find new ways to fight against disease and injury, improving treatment and saving lives.

NEWE.R. equipment

Your support will help purchase the newest technology, equipment and programming to advance critical and trauma care, giving our physicians and medical professionals the tools they need to quickly and effectively treat the most critically ill patients.

Become a SUPPORTE.R.

Saving lives is a daunting task. It is one our medical teams face every day, and they need your help.

There is no donation too big or too small—every donation means so much. Don’t wait until you feel like you can contribute more. Giving something today could mean someone lives to see tomorrow.

Your gift will support emergency, critical care and trauma at RUH. When patients need us the most, your support will help us give them the best possible care.

You can easily make your donation right now, no matter the size.

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