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“Our lives were saved thanks to the emergency care we received at Royal University Hospital.” Read Chris’s Story, Heather’s Story and Esther’s Story.

Royal University Hospital and our medical teams have been saving lives of the most critically ill and injured from across Saskatchewan for more than 60 years.

Your support of RUH Foundation’s GREATE.R. Campaign and its new Adult Emergency Department will assist your medical teams in doing their lifesaving jobs even better and safer for decades to come.

Royal University Hospital’s current Emergency Department was last redeveloped 40 years ago and designed to handle just over one-third that many patients, about 22,000. This year an estimated 60,000 patients will receive emergency care at RUH . . . a number equivalent to the combined populations of Prince Albert and North Battleford.

By supporting The GREATE.R. Campaign, you help ensure that our new Adult Emergency Department, with construction to be completed in 2019, will have the space and equipment necessary for our teams to react more quickly and effectively.


Our goal:

FASTE.R. response times
NEWE.R. equipment

Your donation will be used to purchase advanced technology, medical imaging equipment including a dedicated CT scanner and on-site PYXIS pharmacy dispensary unit. In addition, it will help equip and furnish RUH’s new Adult Emergency Department with new monitors, beds, chairs and comfortable and private “quiet spaces” for patients and their loved ones.

We want Saskatchewan families, including yours, to have access to the best care possible at Royal University Hospital – for when the unimaginable happens. Your generosity will save lives.

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