Walk of Life

Prevent & Recover from Heart Disease and JOIN the WALK OF LIFE! The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada hosts a walk/run in various cities across Canada. Saskatoon’s Walk of Life is held annually in June.

The 2020 Walk of Life is going to look a little different this year. Due to public gathering restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to walk together but you can still donate and make this year’s fundraising successful! The 500 people who are active in the Cardiac Rehab Program and the 2,700 patients admitted to RUH for cardiac services every year still need your support.

Donate here.

Your support will help raise $25,000 to purchase a Vein Finder for the Cardiology Department at RUH. This advanced technology will make it safer and easier for nurses to find a vein on the first attempt to insert an IV, reducing stress for patients and giving them a sense of ease and comfort during their examination and care.

Thank you for staying home and for your support of Cardiac patients across Saskatchewan.

Since 2016, over $132,000 has been raised through the Walk of Life.