Scott’s Story

Scott Bray pauses while discussing “the summer of his heart’s discontent.”

“I didn’t want to die; there was still too much to live for,” says Scott while recalling the three separate life-threatening cardiac-related events he had in August 2018.

Within a span of three weeks, Scott required two emergency minimally invasive procedures in Royal University Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab that included the insertion of three stents in his heart. The third event involved irregular heart rhythm that was managed with medication.

Scott, who was a month shy of his 60th birthday at the time, describes the care he received as the best ever throughout his history of living with chronic diseases.

“My wife, two daughters and I are so grateful. I’m alive today thanks to the lifesaving skills and superb care and attention of so many at Royal University Hospital including the emergency, interventional cardiology and Cardiac Care Unit team members, as well as my West Winds Primary Health Centre care providers and the Coronary Artery Rehabilitation group at the Field House.”

Scott was so impressed with the care that he’s given it an acronym!

“I call it ICE. The care was extremely integrated, with plenty of communication, and just overall excellent. As a result, I have been given another chance to eat better, exercise more, live life in the moment and walk my eldest daughter down the wedding aisle this summer.”

RUH Foundation is raising $600,000 to provide the newest technology and upgrades for the hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology labs, to address the growing complexity of care required for men and omen with heart disease.

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