Saskatchewan’s Colorectal Cancer Institute

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Saskatchewan. Nearly 1,000 people are diagnosed every year.

You can help make a change.

Doctors Dilip Gill and Nathan Ginther are revolutionizing colorectal cancer care for patients in Saskatchewan. Thanks to RUH Foundation donors, these dedicated physicians were able to complete specialized training and now have access to leading-edge equipment that helps save lives.

Dr. Gill and Dr. Ginther have pioneered a new procedure at Royal University Hospital that is at the forefront worldwide of minimally invasive rectal cancer surgery. “Patients spend less time in the OR, face fewer complications, have a shorter hospital stay, return much earlier to normal activity and don’t have to deal with the stress of going out of province,” says Dr. Ginther.

Adds Dr. Gill, “Some of them walk out of the hospital literally within hours.”

Our vision is to create a multidisciplinary Colorectal Cancer Institute that will improve and save more lives. We have the vision — donors will help our patients have this reality.

Your opportunity: Bring this exciting dream to life by helping to raise the $500,000 needed for the initial planning and piloting of the Colorectal Cancer Institute — the first of its kind in Saskatchewan.

Donate today to the Ready When You Aren’t Campaign.