Richard’s Story

I didn’t think I would make it…until I got to Royal University Hospital.

My name is Richard Robin and I’m a farmer near Leask, Saskatchewan. I want to start off by saying how truly grateful I am for your past contribution to Royal University Hospital (RUH) as it was your previous support that ensured the Trauma team was there for me when I was rushed to RUH. Today I’m asking for you to join me in supporting surgical priorities at RUH. Your donation will help fund new state-of-the-art equipment and other enhancements to the hospital’s operating rooms and associated areas that were built in 1978. You can help create a surgical centre of excellence at RUH now for the future. I want to tell you why I am so supportive of this campaign.

In late October 2019, I was doing harvest clean-up in the yard with my cab-less tractor. Something got stuck in one of the pedals and I couldn’t stop the tractor. It went over an embankment and I was thrown off. My body bounced around the loader arm and I landed face-first into the bucket of the tractor. I couldn’t see anything because of my injuries and the bleeding, my heart was racing and I couldn’t even yell for help. I was alone and terrified. That’s all I remember before I passed out.

Fortunately, my son Nathan found me and drove me to the nearest hospital. They quickly realized that I needed to go to RUH in Saskatoon to be stabilized and receive treatment for all my injuries. I didn’t feel like I was going to make it until I got to RUH. I was assessed and classified as a “Level 1 Trauma” patient with a massive concussion, facial fractures, a broken hip, broken ribs and collar bone. I was in rough shape. I was so thankful then and I am thankful now for your past support of RUH Foundation. The expert care I received in Emergency by the dedicated trauma team was possible in part because of donors like YOU. Thank you!

Dr. Sothilingam, Trauma Surgeon & Medical Director, Trauma Program was one of the physicians waiting for my arrival at RUH that October day. He and his team stabilized me right away. What a relief to be in the hands of the best physicians, surgeons and medical teams around! They reassured me, my concerned wife and family, that I was going to be okay!

RUH’s world class surgical teams do the most complex and specialized types of surgeries involving the heart, brain, spine and cancers, to name a few, each year in Saskatchewan. What the medical teams need is new technology and equipment. When you or someone you love needs surgery, your donation today will ensure RUH has modern O.R. equipment available when you need it, which means less time in surgery, less risk of complications, a shorter stay in hospital and more time at home with your family. I know you will agree that this is what we all want. I know I did.

Living in rural Saskatchewan, my wife Kathy and I know we are extra vulnerable when it comes to accessing quick and specialized health care. My accident on that October day and the care I received at RUH made me want to give back to the hospital and the hardworking medical teams. They were truly awesome and to this day I feel a huge wave of gratitude just thinking about my experience.

“I felt completely panicked when I realized what had happened to Richard. The only thing I could do was to trust the health-care teams. It was such a relief when he came to RUH and we knew he would get the best care possible. For us, it is a security in life to know RUH is there, even for those of us living in remote rural areas”, says Kathy.

The COVID-19 pandemic that we are living through continues to shine a light on health care and the medical teams that are working every day treating patients like myself who are rushed to RUH and COVID-19 patients who are requiring hospitalization and lifesaving care.

Your financial support is needed now more than ever. Having a strong health-care system is essential for the people of Saskatchewan. As scheduled surgeries resume post-COVID-19 and backlogs are tackled, I know that there is a great and urgent need for advanced and modern technology and equipment for the surgical teams who will care for those who need it most and have waited the longest for it.

Accidents happen every day. You never know when it could happen to you. My wife and I want the people of Saskatchewan to have the best surgical care right here at home. They have the expertise at RUH. What they need are the state-of-the-art facilities and the equipment. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the incredible medical teams have this in place when you need it? Please join me and consider making a donation. Thank you.

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