Priority Equipment and Lecture Theatre Upgrades

Did the medical teams and care at RUH ever make a difference for you or a loved one? Are you looking for a way to “pay it forward” and help other patients and families? Virtually every department in Saskatchewan’s busiest hospital has a priority list of equipment they need to provide patients with the best care. We’ll be sure your gift goes where it’s needed most!

Your opportunity: Save lives by helping to raise $500,000 to purchase the priority equipment, tools and technology Royal University Hospital’s medical teams and patients need most.

Donate today to the Ready When You Aren’t Campaign.

See that picture up there? It was 1952 during the construction of Royal University Hospital and our first lecture theatre. Our second theatre was built in 1978, the same year Grease took over the box office. You might say we’re due for an update! Our medical teams need these lecture theatres every day to share knowledge, describe their research and connect patients and their families to the programming and services they need outside RUH — but they can’t do it without modern technology!

Your opportunity: Help raise $1.8 million to bring RUH’s two lecture theatres into the modern age, equipping them with the most advanced technology and seating so our medical teams and patients can connect and learn with others across the province and around the world.

Donate today to the Ready When You Aren’t Campaign.

You can also help learning be more enjoyable by purchasing a seat in the soon-to-be renovated lecture theatres. Click here for more information.