Legacy Fund for Trauma Care

April 6, 2018.
Code Orange was called at Royal University Hospital after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. 65 RUH caregivers, some off duty, rushed to respond.

Working in concert with medical teams and first responders across the province, our doctors, nurses, surgeons, social workers and support personnel pulled together to treat the 13 team members who were rushed to the RUH Emergency Department.

People like you helped, too. Royal University Hospital’s Trauma Program started in 2015 with donor dollars.

Now you can help our Trauma Team in Saskatchewan’s busiest ER save more lives in the years ahead.

We will never forget the lives lost and forever changed on April 6, 2018. In honour of the Humboldt Broncos and our medical teams who cared for them, the RUH Foundation has established the Legacy Fund for Trauma Care.

Your opportunity: Help raise $4 million to enhance and build the Trauma Program at Royal University Hospital to save lives when every second counts.

Over the next 10 years your donation will:

  • Purchase $2.5M in advanced technology and equipment for trauma and emergency resuscitation and care
  • Support fellowship funding for 30 RUH Specialists to further train with renowned Trauma Experts
  • Support the mental health of our RUH Trauma and Medical Teams through Critical Incident Stress Management and Schwartz Rounds
  • Deliver an annual provincial Trauma Lecture featuring a leading Trauma Specialist from North America
  • Fund life-saving future innovation through an annual Trauma Care Research Grant

With your help, Saskatchewan’s busiest Trauma Centre will stay ready.

Donate today to the Ready When You Aren’t Campaign.