Kevin’s Story

Kevin Goodmanson recently found a box of get-well cards he had received after he collapsed during a high-school football practice 15 years ago. He was revived first on the field, then again in the ambulance and a third time at Royal University Hospital.

“I was Code Blue when I got to the hospital,” Kevin says. “It was real touch-and-go.”

Thanks to quick work and action by the first responders and medical teams, Goodmanson’s life was saved and he is able to read and appreciate those cards today.

“I have no memory of getting any of these cards,” he reflects. “And now just reading them is eerie; some of them are more like goodbye letters and just to think about that now seems almost laughable. It wasn’t at the time, but it’s crazy how much time has changed my outlook. It’s good.”

Goodmanson, now 29, was 14 when the incident happened. At RUH, staff used equipment from a Code Blue cart to defibrillate him.

The Royal University Hospital Foundation has recently launched its $20 million GREATE.R. Campaign. Of the monies raised, $8 million will support acquisition of technology and equipment, including $210,000 for 30 new Code Blue carts at RUH.

Goodmanson knows that donations in support of state-of-the art equipment like Code Blue carts will save lives. He was fortunate that his football practice was happening across the street from a fire hall, which had the right equipment to revive him. After being stabilized, he had surgery and now wears an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, which to date has restored his normal heartbeat on several occasions.

But this isn’t slowing Kevin down. He is employed making maps for an engineering consulting firm and enjoys the great outdoors.

“I mostly don’t have to worry about it,” he says. “The further I get from the last time I got defibrillated, the more comfortable I get . . . I don’t go for a sprint or a quick jog, but I do physically exert myself going hunting and fishing. I’m pretty normal now.”

Your contribution can help save the life of someone like Kevin. For more information or to learn how you can support The GREATE.R. Campaign, contact Lisa Sands, Senior Development Officer, at 306.655.6477, or donate online at