Howard’s Story

Howard Derksen led a busy life and his work, designing farm machinery, allowed him to visit many places around North America. Originally from Langham, Howard now lives in Saskatoon close to his daughter and grandchildren.

Although he had experienced several health issues previously, including cardiac surgery, he still was not sure what was happening on the morning of April 27, 2021. Howard had a busy morning, running errands and washing the car. By the time he got home, he felt awful. “I had aching arms and no energy. I didn’t want it to be something bad, so I just thought of excuses as to why I was feeling so horrible,” says Howard. Eventually, he phoned his long-time partner Norma who rushed him to the emergency room at Royal University Hospital (RUH). The medical team jumped into action, moved Howard into the Cardiac Cath Lab, and performed an angiogram within minutes of his arrival. Thinking it was still a false alarm, Howard was soon proven wrong by the cardiac team and cardiologist. He was having a heart attack.

This was not his first visit to RUH and, now home recovering, he reflects on his experience. “Every time, the care is first class. This year I’m especially impressed with the hard-working people at RUH. They are dedicated and caring, even when they must be tired from working through these past 18 months of Covid-19,” says Howard. “It is not the first time my life has been saved by advanced new technology and equipment and the professional expertise and treatment at RUH. I am grateful I can get that kind of care right here at home.”

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