Esther’s Story

Five years to the day after her accident, Esther Efeme and her two children, Sammy and Prince, came back to Royal University Hospital to see the Emergency Department, the physicians and the medical teams that saved her life.

Esther let the medical teams know how grateful she is for their part in saving her life and helping in her recovery. She has no memory of that time and it had taken her five years to gain the strength to step back into the Hospital that saved her life.

Five years earlier, while out Christmas shopping, Esther, her husband Dean, and Sammy and Prince were in a serious motor vehicle accident. Their car slid under a semi and the “Jaws of Life” was required to free the family. While the rest of her family escaped serious physical injury, Esther did not. She was rushed to RUH Emergency in a coma and required surgery for a severe brain injury.

“When I came to Royal University Hospital I almost died but was resuscitated by the skills and equipment available to the medical team who brought me back to life,” Esther says.

Many of those skills, training, procedures and certainly the equipment have changed since RUH opened its doors on January 26, 1955. This year an estimated 60,000 patients will receive emergency care at RUH, a number
equivalent to the combined populations of Prince Albert and North Battleford. And that number continues to grow, putting increasing pressure on the ED that was last redeveloped 40 years ago and designed to handle just over one-third that many patients, about 22,000 per year.

But for the province’s busiest ER, relief is in sight. Progress continues on the building of RUH’s new Adult Emergency Department with completion late in 2019.

Royal University Hospital Foundation, as part of its $20 million GREATE.R. Campaign, is raising $7 million for the new Adult Emergency Department in support of advanced technology, furnishings and medical imaging equipment which includes a dedicated CT scanner.

Esther Efeme knows from personal experience how important The GREATE.R. Campaign will be to future patients and their families: “I understand how well I was taken care of and hope more money is raised for RUH to equip the new ER to meet modern standards and demands.”

At home Esther continued with rehabilitation and other activities. And she is unstinting in her expressions of gratitude to the physicians and medical teams at RUH: “They saved my life. God bless them.”

To make a donation or learn more about The GREATE.R. Campaign, please click here or contact Lisa Sands, Senior Development Officer, at 306.655.6477.