Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Why am I having seizures? Do I have epilepsy? Will I need surgery?

These are frequently asked questions in Saskatchewan and there’s only one place to have them answered: Royal University Hospital, home to our provincial epilepsy program.

But with more than 500 referrals a year from all across the province, and only two dedicated beds with video-EEG monitoring capability, the observation rooms at RUH are overstretched and patients are waiting two years or more. Testing helps determine whether a patient is a candidate for surgery that can eliminate or prevent seizures from worsening to potentially fatal levels. It’s vital to get the testing done as soon as possible in a dedicated area that has a full multidisciplinary team and a padded floor and furnishings to protect patients while they’re having seizures.

You can help make it happen.

Your opportunity: Help raise $500,000 to begin the renovations, upgrade equipment and expand the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit to four beds, reducing wait time, anxiety and risk for hundreds of families across the province.

Donate today to the Ready When You Aren’t Campaign.