Dawne’s Story

Eighteen months ago, Dawne Banda’s body was hijacked by a blood clot that established itself in her brain and caused a major stroke.

“My life could easily have ended that night,” says Dawne. She was 69 at the time and worked as the coordinator with Adele House, providing apartment accommodations for women seeking safety from abusive relationships.

“Instead, I am forever grateful for the life-saving surgery and subsequent care I received at RUH. I know now that the amazing medical teams at the hospital, along with support from donors to the RUH Foundation, ensured that the specialists, medical teams and equipment were in place when I needed them most,” she adds.

Dawne was unconscious when she arrived by ambulance at RUH’s Emergency Department. It was quickly determined by the Saskatchewan Stroke Team that she was an appropriate candidate for a new, minimally invasive stent retriever clot removal procedure, considered the most

major advancement in stroke treatment in two decades. Had Dawne’s stroke happened 20 years ago, she likely would have either died or been left permanently disabled.

The surgery was performed by a multidisciplinary team led by Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgeon Dr. Mike Kelly in RUH’s $4-million donor-funded state-of-the-art angiography biplane suite.

Dr. Kelly and his medical team performed an endovascular treatment in which a coil is inserted through a stent in a leg artery, guided to the blockage in the brain and used to suck it out. Dr. Kelly was part of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine two years ago that proved the procedure’s efficacy.

Brent Banda, one of Dawne’s three sons, also expresses gratitude for the lifesaving efforts of the medical team and for donors’ support in funding new equipment and training opportunities at RUH: “The generosity of donors is moving our local health-care system from great to worldclass,” says Brent.

Today Dawne lives independently in her own home, tending her garden and continuing to share special moments with family and friends because donors like you have chosen to give so generously to RUH.