Community Mental Health Endowment

Mental health matters. Together, with our supporters, we’ve done so much to brighten and save lives.

Will you help us do more?

It’s been 10 years since the 65-bed Irene and Leslie Dubé Centre for Mental Health opened its doors. Thanks to donors like you, 2009 was also when we were able to create RUH Foundation’s $2.5M Community Mental Health Endowment (CMHE). This ongoing grant program brings mental health out of the darkness and into the light.

Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Mental Health & Addiction Services, Department of Psychiatry, Autism Treatment Program, Canadian Mental Health Association, Crocus Co-op, Saskatoon Housing Coalition, Sanctum 1.5 — these are just a few of the recipients of the 27 CMHE grants totalling $561,000 awarded so far, all providing greatly needed mental health support at RUH and in our community. Sadly, each year, deserving groups cannot be funded. With your support, we’ll change that!

Your opportunity: Help add $500,000 to the Community Mental Health Endowment to almost DOUBLE our grants for mental health programs and research. That means more people with a safe, supportive place to live. More families in recovery from addiction. More music played and friendships made!

Donate today to the Ready When You Aren’t Campaign.