Chris’s Story

Chris Pointer was on his way to his mother’s workplace on June 2, 2008 to wish her Happy Birthday. But he didn’t make it. The motorcycle he was riding hit a patch of gravel, the back tire of his bike caught the curb and he was ejected. His body slammed heavily into a street sign.

Chris arrived at Royal University Hospital in life-threatening condition.

The 26-year-old son, husband and father had to be resuscitated many times during seven hours of emergency surgery. His spleen and a significant portion of his small intestine were removed. Chris had damage to his liver, broken bones in his back, severe arm and leg fractures and a damaged kidney that eventually would be removed.

Chris then spent a month at RUH in a medically induced coma, followed by more months on the ward dealing with an array of lingering injuries-related issues. And although today, almost 10 years later, Chris continues receiving follow-up care at RUH, he’s deeply thankful to have been “brought back to life.”

“I am forever grateful to the doctors, nurses and other staff at RUH. Without their skill, care and compassion, I wouldn’t be here today enjoying life with my family and friends,” says Chris. His wife, Amanda Taylor, adds, “Thanks to the miracle-workers at RUH, we are so fortunate to be celebrating special occasions as a family.”

Because of their “miracle,” Chris and Amanda are extremely excited to hear about the progress being made around the building of a new Adult Emergency Department scheduled for completion in late 2019. “A new, bigger ER with the most up-to-date equipment will certainly help doctors and nurses as well as patients and their families,” says Amanda.

You can help save the life of someone like Chris. Become a SUPPORTE.R. of RUH Foundation’s GREATE.R. Campaign to help equip and furnish RUH’s new Adult Emergency Department to excel care of patients and their families when every second counts.

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