Chris and Kamilla’s Story

Kamilla Jönvik and her boyfriend Chris Kendall are lucky to be alive after a car plowed into their motorcycle on a sunny summer morning in 2018.

Emergency surgeries at Royal University Hospital (RUH) saved their lives and limbs, but the grateful couple says it could have easily been YOU on that operating table.

“It was the most beautiful day,” recalls Kamilla. “We’d just been to the gym. We weren’t driving fast, the car wasn’t either. Then BOOM! I woke up 50 feet away under a car. I could hear Chris moaning.”

Chris remembers being wheeled into surgery and telling the surgeon, “I’m a skateboarder, I’m really active, I hope I can do it again.”

Dr. Tousief Hussain, who had just operated on Kamilla for seven hours, and would work on Chris for another five, said, “I’ll do my best.”

It’s no surprise Chris and Kamilla consider Dr. Hussain and the medical teams at RUH heroes. What they did find surprising — shocking even — were the outdated conditions of the O.R. and recovery areas.

“The surgeons and medical teams are great, but a place doesn’t feel as safe or clean when it’s rundown. You feel more confident and relaxed when things are up to date and newer,” says Chris.

Both Chris and Kamilla want better for their heroes — and for future patients and families like you and yours.

Life can change in an instant. You never know when it’s going to happen, but it’s these facilities and doctors and nurses that can make a world of difference and make your life recovering from a totally unpredictable accident so much better,” says Chris.

Please be a hero and join Chris and Kamilla in donating what you can to Royal University Hospital Foundation’s Mission Possible: Operation New O.R. Campaign. Imagine how you’ll feel knowing your donation combined with others will help raise $20 million to replace 43-year-old operating rooms, build and equip new state-of-the-art surgical suites, reduce wait times and save more lives at Saskatchewan’s busiest hospital.

Maybe even better than Chris feels skateboarding!

Join the mission to come together to build a world-class centre of surgical excellence at Royal University Hospital!

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