Planned Giving

Are you one of the 49% of Canadians that don’t have a Will? Among the top reasons so many of us delay Will writing is the feeling that we’re too young to worry about it, or that we don’t have enough assets to justify making a Will in the first place.

Valid concerns. But there are some real motivations to making a Will you might not be aware of, regardless of where you are in life.

Gratitude. It’s an important step one takes during their recovery journey from substance addiction.

Victor DeFehr knew how essential it was for him to help others and give back to the community because of the hurt he had caused himself and others for many years as a young adult.

Debi Dubé-Dean just knew it was the right thing to do—the sharing of her lunch with classmates who regularly came without food to the west-end school in Saskatoon she attended so many decades ago. Her unselfish acts of generosity in grade school would be followed by many others on her journey to becoming a dedicated philanthropist later in her life.

Walter Koob was born on the family farm in the R.M. of Viscount in 1928. He grew up on the family farm in the Meacham district and went to Lucasville School. In the winters, Walter worked off the farm. He worked in Saskatoon at the Wheat Pool Flour Mill and as a strong young man, he often carried up to 200 lb. bags of flour on his shoulder (loading rail cars) for his entire shift.

Barbara Surine is a longtime supporter of Royal University Hospital Foundation, and has graciously donated between $20 and $5,000 to seven different campaigns since 1990.

Mervin (Merv) Schneider discovered his passion for volunteering once he retired from the taxi business after 26 years.

When Peggy Benko took her identical twin granddaughters into her arms for the first time, she was overcome not only with love, but also with gratitude. Meeting her grandchildren would not have happened were it not for the specialists and medical teams at Royal University Hospital (RUH).