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Did the medical teams and care at RUH ever make a difference for you or a loved one? Are you looking for a way to “pay it forward” and help other patients and families? Virtually every department in Saskatchewan’s busiest hospital has a priority list of equipment they need to provide patients with the best care. We’ll be sure your gift goes where it’s needed most!

Why am I having seizures? Do I have epilepsy? Will I need surgery?

These are frequently asked questions in Saskatchewan and there’s only one place to have them answered: Royal University Hospital, home to our provincial epilepsy program.

Doctors Dilip Gill and Nathan Ginther are revolutionizing colorectal cancer care for patients in Saskatchewan. Thanks to RUH Foundation donors, these dedicated physicians were able to complete specialized training and now have access to leading-edge equipment that helps save lives.

For patients and their families who live with a mental health diagnosis, having improved access to psychiatric care, programming and services will strengthen their wellbeing and could even save lives.

Mental health matters. Together, with our supporters, we’ve done so much to brighten and save lives.

Will you help us do more?

April 6, 2018.Code Orange was called at Royal University Hospital after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. 65 RUH caregivers, some off duty, rushed to respond. Working in concert with medical teams and first responders across the province, our doctors, nurses, surgeons, social workers and support personnel pulled together to treat the 13 team members who […]